Maker KA

Starter Kit for Arduinos

This is the most complete Arduino starter kit, It lets you master the basic knowledge of Arduino, and to get the ability to develop an SCM system when playing. It doesn’t matter even if you do not have a basic knowledge to write the program, This basic learning kit provides you with simple programming learning data to help you from zero. It comes with a MEGA 2560 Board, 230 components, and additional interfaces to complete more complex test Products in a safe environment

The Kit Consists of below components

Maker KM

Starter Kit for BBC micro: bit

The Starter Pack consists of a BBC micro: bit, an extension board, micro USB, fan module, relay module, laser sensor module, sound sensor, temperature sensor, smog sensor, touch sensor, IR remote control and others. Based around a 32 bit ARM Cortex-M0 processor, the BBC micro:bit also features on board accelerometer and compass sensors, Bluetooth Low Energy and USB connectivity, a display consisting of 25 LEDs, two programmable buttons and it can be powered by either USB or an external battery pack. The device inputs and outputs are through five ring connectors that are part of the 21-pin edge connector.

Product description